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Nova DVR Lathe Remote Control Box

Wednesday, 20 July 2011 20:42

See attached file

The Teknatool Nova DVR 3000 lathe had no facility for a remote control box and I think this is a serious oversight as turning large items, especially from the tailstock end, can make it difficult to reach the existing controls. I found the wiring diagram on the old MSN Nova group and produced my own.

The attached pdf document is my 2nd version and includes some images and a wiring diagram.

Although it's possible to get the wiring wrong apparently it isn't critical as the circuit is low voltage. When making my first version I got a couple of wires crossed and, whilst it didn't work, the lathe didn't blow up!


If you follow this guide and your lathe is damaged I take no responsibility.


In summer 2011 Teknatool announced the production of their own remote, which is wireless.

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